Call for Submissions – Nigeria at Sixty Roadmaps to National Progress

Deadline: 25 September 2020

On 01 October 2020, Nigeria will be celebrating 60 years of independence from British colonial rule. Ahead of this occasion, in partnership with Oando, we are soliciting essays exploring the current state of Nigeria, patriotism and Nigerian citizenship, and how the Nigerian citizens can channel resources towards a more progressive future. We welcome submissions that can provide progressive roadmaps across the following lenses:

Culture and Society e.g. promoting our thriving cultural landscapes as sources of identity, representation and national pride.

Gender e.g. the key steps Nigeria must take to establish more gender-inclusive, progressive communities; the historical contributions of female leaders to the public sphere.

History e.g. the historical significance of Nigerian independence 60 years on; engaging profiles of historical Nigerian leaders or model citizens.

Politics and Security e.g. innovative, progressive approaches to political participation; the role of citizens in fostering representative leadership and progressive democracies.

We are looking for analytical and engaging essays that without sacrificing analytical rigour, can serve as authoritative/definitive subject-matter guides to both scholars and professionals that may have limited knowledge on the issue.

We expect submissions in the range of 800 to 1000 words and will be accepting first drafts until 11:59 PM (WAT) Friday 25th September 2020. Submit drafts by filling the form on our submissions page (you will need to log-in or register).

Essays selected will be edited by The Republic’s team of editors and co-published, firstly on Oando’s Independence Day platform and later on, The Republic