Call for Submissions – Vol. 2, No. 4 New World-Economies

Deadline: 03 June 2018

A few weeks ago, on the 21st of March, 44 African countries signed the Continental Free Trade Area Agreement (CFTA). Described as the largest free trade agreement since the World Trade Organization was established, the CFTA aims to boost trade and economic growth, and strengthen economic growth among African countries. Its primary objective is to eliminate tariffs on intra-African trade in goods.

We are currently accepting submissions on the evolution of the world economy. Generally, we are interested in the rise of the macroeconomy, the development and future of national accounting, the significance of economic blocs and regional/international monetary systems, and the evolution of money.

Broadly, the topics we are currently interested in are:

 The history behind the macroeconomy;

Statistical tragedies, rebasing economies and the relevance of GDP;

Africa in the International Monetary System;

⎈ The economics of the newly formed African Continental Free Trade Area

The CFA Franc Zone in the quest for decolonization and African economic independence;

The digitization of money, and the rise of crypto-currency; and

What to Read on the CFTA (a reading list of key texts on the CFTA that can serve as an authoritative introduction to the politics and economics of free trade areas for scholars who do not have sufficient expertise on African and global economic affairs)

We are looking for analytical and engaging essays, lectures, speeches and book reviews that, without sacrificing academic rigour, can serve as authoritative/definitive subject-matter guides to both scholars and professionals that may have limited knowledge on global affairs.

Overall, we expect submissions ranging between 1,500 words (minimum) and 6,000 words (maximum), and will be accepting first drafts until Sunday 03 June, 2018.

Please send all submissions as MS-Word documents to [email protected].