African Union

The African Union and the Multipolar World Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

The global rise of China in the post-2000 era and the strengthening of other regional hegemons has seen Africa being courted by various powers for alignment and realignment. Since the birth of the continental body, the African Union has struggled to develop into a formidable union in the form of the European Union or a strong sub-continent economy like India and China.
Economic Integration

Building Blocks The Challenging Realities of African Economic Integration

The African Continental Free Trade Area has always held great promise for African economic integration and the achievement of pan-Africanism. Historically, however, there have been many obstacles to African integration and pan-Africanism. While its full implementation has been delayed, the AfCFTA still holds great promise for African economic integration, and its potential should not be underestimated.
African Continental Free Trade Area

A Fading Dream of Pan-Africanism? Addressing the Impasse around the African Continental Free Trade Area Agreement

The African Continental Free Trade Area agreement presents African states with the opportunity to collectively grow their economies in an unprecedented manner. With the lack of steam in the implementation of the AfCFTA, how can Africa achieve the agreement’s potential for pan-African economic growth and development?

From the OAU to the AU Has the African Union Learned to Handle Conflicts Better?

In 60 years as the principal African organization, both as the OAU and the AU, the African Union has been tasked with managing a wide range of conflicts on the continent. The AU has made great strides in diverging from the position of the OAU on peacekeeping intervention. But efforts are all it will remain if the AU does not deal with the holdbacks that hindered the OAU.
Marcus Garvey

Ethiopian Dream Marcus Garvey, Ethiopia and the Founding of the OAU

Leading up to the founding of the Organization of African Unity in 1963 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia emerged as an unlikely progenitor of the unprecedented moment. Ethiopia’s rise to the forefront of pan-Africanism was sustained by the influence of Black consciousness in the African diaspora, culminating with the far-reaching activism of Jamaica’s Marcus Garvey.