April/May 2023

Chimeka Garricks

‘Being an Editor Is a Magical Work’ Chimeka Garricks’ First Draft

Nigerian author and editor, Chimeka Garricks, didn’t intend for the Niger-Delta crisis to be the main theme of his debut novel, Tomorrow Died Yesterday. ‘I tried to write the truth as I know it. To show that the issues are complex, hued with plenty of grey, and that all major players are complicit in varying ways to the dysfunction,’ he told us in our latest, First Draft interview.
Nation Building

Politics, Priorities, and Policies Nigeria’s Post-Presidential Inauguration Era and the Burden of Nation Building

A deliberate decision from the incoming administration to show magnanimity across the political divide along with a rigorous pursuit of people-centred policies will go a long way in kick starting the process of national reconciliation, leading up to nation building. All that Nigerians are asking for is a chance to witnesses a nation that works for them in their lifetime.