Nigeria Decides 2023: Essays


The Past, Present and Future Kings of Nigerian Politics How ‘Godfathers’ Became a Key Part of Political Party Financing in Nigeria

In Nigeria, godfatherism is ‘nothing new’ and traces of godfatherism can be found going back as early as the independence era. Today, the large sums of money godfathers bring into politics perpetuates their existence, but how did these figures become so influential over Nigeria’s politics?

What is the Future of Nigeria’s Health Sector? A Look at the Presidential Candidates’ Manifestos

All four manifestos have common policies and varying differences, reflective of recommendations made to strengthen deliveries on the expectations for the health sector. After the elections conclude and a winner is declared, one of these manifestos will be the blueprint for the health sector for the next four or eight years.

The United States of Nigeria How Feasible Is Restructuring in the Aftermath of Recent Constitutional Amendments?

States have taken on a more important role in the constitutional amendment process that began in 2020 and accepted bills might play a significant role in the next administration. This is why it is necessary to look at the nature of this governing structure and whether it plays a part in proving unity in diversity or displaying the stark divisions that Nigeria has.
Central Bank

The God(win) of Small Things The Challenge in Finding an Apolitical Central Banker in a Partisan Landscape

Central Bank governor Godwin Emefiele has been in the news, facing challenges occasioned by his partisanship and involvement in politics. The overlying challenge moving forward is not only finding a less political replacement, but also salvaging the independence of the central bank in an overtly political landscape.