Nigeria Decides 2023

One Last Dance? Atiku Abubakar, PDP’s North Star

The journeys of PDP and Atiku, its two-time presidential flagbearer, are as interwoven as they are similar. The 2023 election will likely be their ‘last dance’ together, this author writes. Atiku has no doubt reshaped PDP, but have the years shown a match made in Heaven or a pairing doomed to fail? Read more
Dafe Oputu

‘People Die in Nigeria Because They Lack Political Representation’ Dafe Oputu's First Draft

Author of ‘Zombiescapes’ and ‘For the People Without the People’, Dafe Oputu, believes the importance of political representation is understated. ‘It’s literally a matter of life and death—people die in Nigeria every day because of lack of political representation.’