October/November 2022


From ‘Flexing’ to Federal Charges Hushpuppi Has Been Sentenced to Eleven Years in Prison

A US District Court has sentenced Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, ‘Hushpuppi’, to eleven years and three months in prison. Hushpuppi’s is the tale of Icarus. But a contributing factor to the wind beneath his artificial wings was the largely unconditional acceptance and support that he gained from his almost cult-like following of over two million people on Instagram.
Ore Agbaje-Williams’

‘The Very Best Writers Can Make the Most Banal Ideas Seem Interesting’ Ore Agbaje-Williams’ First Draft

British-Nigerian novelist and editor, Ore Agbaje-Williams, wants her stories to connect with all kinds of readers: ‘I don’t want to prescribe my writing or books to one kind of reader. I hope that all kinds of readers will be able to read my books and enjoy them!’