The Past, Present and Future Kings of Nigerian Politics How ‘Godfathers’ Became a Key Part of Political Party Financing in Nigeria

In Nigeria, godfatherism is ‘nothing new’ and traces of godfatherism can be found going back as early as the independence era. Today, the large sums of money godfathers bring into politics perpetuates their existence, but how did these figures become so influential over Nigeria’s politics?
Habiba Daggash

Post-COP27, Africa Must Forge Its Own Path An Interview with Energy Researcher, Habiba Daggash

Habiba Daggash argues that climate change is a threat multiplier which could disrupt all sectors of the African economy. Consequently, she says, ‘it is essential for all economic planning to consider climate change impacts so development strategies and infrastructure investment can be designed to be resilient to both climate impacts and socioeconomic consequences of climate action.’