Call for Stockists Become a Distributor for The Republic's Magazine and Products

The Republic is looking for more stores and spaces to stock our magazines and products. If you are a business who appreciates what we do, would love to see us in your space and think your customers and clients would as well, we’re calling on you!

As one of our stockists, you would be a point of sale or distribution primarily for The Republic magazine and related products. Through your business or store carrying our magazine, more people would be able to discover us and you would be helping us with our mission to educate, share knowledge and spread necessary and credible information to the public.


30% discount on outright print purchases of 10+ copies;
Up to 25% commission on sales made based on quantity sold: (1-9 copies: 15%; 10-19 copies 20%; 20-29 copies: 25%);
⎈ Promotion of your business and your space via our platforms;
Discounted online and print advertising;
⎈ First priority on limited edition products;
Consideration for hosting of The Republic’s events; and
Opportunity for collaborations with The Republic.

For stockists interested in ordering 30 or more copies, please contact us directly at [email protected] to process this bulk order. We look forward to connecting with you and expanding our community!

Please fill out the form below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.