We’ve Just Launched Student Subscriptions! Introducing The Republic for Students

With our student subscription plans, students can now get unlimited access to The Republic by paying less than $1.99/month.

Since The Republic started, we have found the following important:
striving to fill knowledge gaps no matter how slim or vast;
providing a perspective on the world that is rooted in place (Nigeria being this place at the moment); and
working to ensure that our publishing model occupies the sweet spot between accessibility and sustainability.

Simply put, we want to be here for a long time, but we also want to grow and, more importantly, with you, our readers.

On a personal level, I believe it is necessary that those who need The Republic the most, students, are able to engage with us in a convenient manner. I started The Republic as a student and understand how much of a difference it can make to one’s studies to find a resource that is not only engaging but also relevant and representative. In my time as Editor, I have learnt from many students and education practitioners how valuable The Republic has been as a learning companion and as an avenue for connecting with an engaging network of policymakers, business leaders, acclaimed journalists and artists, distinguished professionals and emerging young scholars.

Today, I am pleased to announce that students can now get unlimited access to The Republic at any time by paying less than $1.99/month. Many of our readers will know this is an area we have been working on for at least two years. A huge roadblock was verifying students from universities based in Africa. While we still intend to solve that challenge, it is essential to our mission that students do not bear the costs of our continent’s weak educational infrastructure.

As Africans ourselves, we understand the struggles and indignities many African students face in trying to excel both in and beyond Africa. It is why we are launching two subscription plans for students and, respectfully, won’t be asking for ID or verification when students subscribe. Students, we want to be there when you make your first intellectual breakthroughs and want to support you at every step of your academic and, ultimately, professional journeys. Parents, mentors, friends, our student subscriptions can also be gifted and we’re excited to support you as you invest in and empower those closest to you.

I look forward to growing and sharing our community with you.

Wale Lawal

Our Student Subscription Plans

1. Student Monthly Digital – $1.99/month

Students on this plan will receive:

∗ Monthly Web Access: Each week, we publish three new, original articles. Additionally, on our website, we currently have over 300 rigorous and nuanced articles about Nigeria and Africa, focused on a wide range of topics including Culture, Gender, History, the Economy, Politics and Science. Your subscription grants you full access to our website.

∗ Exclusive Student Discounts: Student subscribers get 30% off on all our print magazines. Your subscription will also give you access to exclusive discounts from our partner brands and organizations.

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2. Student Annual Digital – $1.67/month (Billed annually)

Students on this plan will receive everything in our monthly digital plan plus:

Free Gift Subscriptions: After subscribing, you will be able to nominate a friend to receive a free month’s digital subscription from us. Simply contact our sales team. Gift subscriptions are non-renewable so neither you nor your friend will be charged after the subscription expires.

Research Support: Looking to connect with one of our editors or our authors? Our student services team will happily assist you. The Republic‘s expert network features 1,000+ vetted African and Africa-focused experts active in diverse fields.

Exclusive Events: Are you thinking of applying to university, a graduate programme or an internship? Do you need expert advice on a current research project, career choice or job application? Your subscription will grant you access to exclusive Republic student-focused events.

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**We are currently recruiting educational and corporate partners to serve our student subscribers. For more details please contact our sales team.

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