V2 N2 Political Gods

Vol. 2, No.2

Political Gods


Insight into the spiritual dimensions of exile as experienced by South Sudanese refugees in Uganda by Liz Storer;

 Kenddrick Chan explores how a clampdown on religion created a new system of belief in China;

 An essay on the religious underpinnings of both the Arab and European colonisation of Africa by Alhassan Perheira Ibrahim;

A feature essay on youth in South Sudan by Denis Martin Andrew Wani;



 From Scramble to Boldness: The Political Challenges of Africa’s Youth by Ngirinshuti Théogène;

 Feminist Christologies for Women’s Political and Social Participation in Kenya by Loreen Maseno and O. M. J. Nandi


In our next issue, scholars and experts will critically discuss the latest trends and thinking concerning climate change


Cover image by Andrew Esiebo