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‘Who has time for undecided authors?’   Dominique Otigbah’s First Draft

If she could write about any moment in history, historian and author of ‘Reading Biafra’, Dominique Otigbah, would write a history of stockfish, ‘a quintessential Nigerian ingredient with its origins in Northern Norway.’ Our questions are italicized. What books or kinds of books did you read growing up? Growing up, my parents were very adamant that reading was a big part of my life. Almost all my birthday and Christmas presents were books and among all the fairy tale books that I received, the first set of books that I have a strong memory of reading was the fifteen-volume Charlie Brown’s ‘Cyclopedia. Maybe a little atypical from the regular fairy tale books but I loved going through the pages and reading all the small facts. I wish I had this set now to keep in my library, but the whole collection got lost somewhere between our move from Nigeria to France. Thinking back on it now, those books left a lasting impression on me, given my tendency to spend endl

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