Introducing ‘First Draft’: Our New Column Authors and Prominent Figures on Books, Reading and Writing

In the short time The Republic has been around, we have worked with writers from all walks of life. From artists to technologists, we’ve shown how writing can establish common ground, change perspectives and nurture breakthroughs. In the rigorous editorial process that is typically the experience of our authors, we’ve shown even more so the transformative power of editing.

‘We do language’, Nobel laureate Toni Morrison once wrote. And what else in the business of language binds writers to editors if not the first draft? For us, a first draft is more than a document; it is, at the very least, a celebration of courage and curiosity. First Draft is also, for us, a new weekly column about reading, books and writing inspired by questions our editors have had during the course of working with authors.

Starting tomorrow, every week, this column will feature interviews with authors and other prominent figures. You’ll find all the entries here. For access, you will need to be a paying subscriber. Already a subscriber? Log in

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