Student Subscriptions

Student Subscriptions

Are you an African student or a student at an African university? You can now get a free one-year student subscription to The Republic Online.

Since The Republic started, we have found three things especially important. These are: striving to fill knowledge gaps no matter how slim or vast; providing a perspective on the world that is rooted in place (Nigeria being this place at the moment); and working to ensure that our publishing model occupies the sweet spot between accessibility and sustainability. Simply put, we want to be here for a long time, but we also want to grow and, more importantly, with you, our readers.

On a personal level, I believe it is necessary that those who need The Republic the most, students, are able to engage with us in a convenient manner. I started The Republic as a student and understand how much of a difference it can make to one’s studies to find a resource that is not only engaging but also relevant and representative. In my time as Editor, I have learnt from many students and education practitioners how valuable The Republic has been as a learning companion and as an avenue for connecting with an engaging network of policymakers, business leaders, acclaimed journalists and artists, distinguished professionals and emerging young scholars. It is why I am pleased to announce that thanks to the generous support of one of our readers, we are now able to provide free one-year access to The Republic Online for 60 African students. We will give priority to individuals currently studying at African universities but all African students (studying anywhere) are welcome.

All we need is that you fill the form below. In order to fill it, you must already be registered on The Republic. At this moment, there are no other requirements. Provided you fill the form correctly, we will provide access on a first come, first served basis. This form will close once all 60 slots have been filled.

If reading this inspires you to support more access for students, please feel free to contact me.

Wale Lawal


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