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How to Not Waste Your Vote What Voter Turnout Will Mean in the 2023 Elections

Since its return to democratic rule in 1999, Nigeria has enjoyed uninterrupted democracy. The nation has conducted six successive electoral cycles. These elections, however, are occasionally flawed and often marked by violence. Additionally, a constant issue that has beguiled the process of electing leaders is the issue of low voter turnout and voter apathy.

A Compendium of Controversial Pairings APC’s Muslim/Muslim Ticket and Nigeria’s 2023 Presidential Elections

Nigeria has not endured such high decibels of uproar and frenzy over the religious affiliations of a presidential/vice-presidential ticket pairing since 1979. Not only did Tinubu’s announcement on 10 July 2022, cause a nationwide discourse mill, it also fundamentally shaped the personnel positions, campaign strategies, and politicking steps of numerous parties.