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‘Writer, Write.’ Moyosore Orimoloye's First Draft

For Moyosore Orimoloye, poet and author of ‘Poet in the Time of Buhari’, poetry does more than ‘wrap the mundane in arcane language’; sometimes, poetry gives us ‘“simple” words by which to articulate what we think is a complex experience.’ Our questions are italicized. Growing up, did you read a lot of poetry? It depends on whether the nursery rhymes of my childhood and the poetry of some portions of the Bible count. Discounting them from the assessment, my first contact with verse was with the poetry of Olusola, my elder brother. He had written a poem in his half-formal, half-cursive handwriting at the back of his Bible and something—boredom, perhaps—had led me to stumble upon it. I was ten or something close. I then started spending time trying to create a poem of my own. I haven’t stopped since. Finding his poem, however, did not lead me in a frantic search for other poems and it wasn’t until starting Literature classes four years later

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