International Affairs

African Union

The African Union and the Multipolar World Challenges and Opportunities in a Changing World

The global rise of China in the post-2000 era and the strengthening of other regional hegemons has seen Africa being courted by various powers for alignment and realignment. Since the birth of the continental body, the African Union has struggled to develop into a formidable union in the form of the European Union or a strong sub-continent economy like India and China.
South Africa

The Not-So-Free Movement of People South Africa’s Haphazard Commitment to Open Borders

South Africa’s complex migration policy highlights the contradiction between its commitment to free movement within the African continent and its stringent immigration regulations. The country’s political, philosophical, and economic underpinnings of free movement struggles against the AU's Agenda 2063 and international treaties.
Frantz Fanon

Concerning Violence How Frantz Fanon Might Interpret Today’s France

Over the last few weeks, France has seen unrest at the death of Nahel Merzouk, a 17-year-old boy of Moroccan and Algerian origin shot and killed by police officers in a Paris suburb. The events dawn on the 98th birthday of Frantz Fanon, the Martinican psychiatrist who, educated in Paris, spent a critical part of his life in Algeria supporting its nationalist liberation movement against France, seeing the revolution as a ‘bridgehead’ of a pan-African vision.