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Helon Habila

‘Like Most People I Am Simply Exhausted by Politics’ Helon Habila’s First Draft

Nigerian novelist, Helon Habila, whose debut novel, Waiting for an Angel, was published 20 years ago says his writing is shifting from the political towards domestic life: ‘my attention is shifting more towards domestic issues: family, race, and so on... I am more concerned with the meaning of what it means to be a Black person in this world—a Black father, a Black son, a Black daughter, wife.’

From ‘Flexing’ to Federal Charges Hushpuppi Has Been Sentenced to Eleven Years in Prison

A US District Court has sentenced Ramon Olorunwa Abbas, ‘Hushpuppi’, to eleven years and three months in prison. Hushpuppi’s is the tale of Icarus. But a contributing factor to the wind beneath his artificial wings was the largely unconditional acceptance and support that he gained from his almost cult-like following of over two million people on Instagram.