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Imperialism is the Arsonist of Our Forests

In 1986, Thomas Sankara delivered his famous speech, Imperialism is The Arsonist of Our Forests and Savannas, in which he denounced imperialism as the main driver of environmental destruction. Today, the climate crisis has become a pretext for imperialist economic expansion, leading to an urgent need to reorient the African climate justice agenda.

Re/claiming the Utility and Novelty of Mobile Phones and Social Media Lessons from Pastoralists in East and West Africa

While we may be accustomed to or overwhelmed by the rapid pace of digital development, recognize that cell phones are often the very first connection pastoral communities have with a modern information and communication tool. The way pastoralists have largely approached the rather belated entry of mobile technology and social media with excitement, grace and inventiveness is another example of their remarkable flexibility and adaptability.
Habiba Daggash

Post-COP27, Africa Must Forge Its Own Path An Interview with Energy Researcher, Habiba Daggash

Habiba Daggash argues that climate change is a threat multiplier which could disrupt all sectors of the African economy. Consequently, she says, ‘it is essential for all economic planning to consider climate change impacts so development strategies and infrastructure investment can be designed to be resilient to both climate impacts and socioeconomic consequences of climate action.’