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Every generation needs an unequivocal source of truth: something that shows the people of its time, leaving little room for doubt, what they look like. The Republic, first and foremost, is us: the people of this time. And then, it is a magazine and platform of socio-economic and political commentary, criticism and cultural discourse, that explores the world as Nigerian. Behind the magazine is the belief that writing can connect, empower and humanize communities, and a society of people who consider urgent the need for a Nigeria more critical of itself.

Our mission is simple: to create knowledge.

Since 2017, we have benefited from the support and generosity of experts, readers and organizations who share our goal to press forward on the most critical of social, political and economic issues relevant to Nigerian and broader African affairs. By supporting The Republic, you further the abilities of the next generation of Nigerian policymakers, business leaders, artists, journalists, professionals and scholars to challenge existing narratives and to stake a claim in the global politics of knowledge production. You foster a conscious generation of readers, who will channel knowledge into social action across and beyond the African continent.

We engage with the pre-eminent issues of our time, among which are: climate change; culture and society; economics; gender and feminism; history; international affairs; and politics and security. These are topics we are committed to covering with a signature blend of rigour, authority and style. Hence, by supporting The Republic, you enable a generation to read something meaningful so that we can do something meaningful


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