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Conflict, Terrorism, and Invented Settler Colonial Victimhood in South Africa Reflections for Solidarity Building towards a Free Palestine

Underlying the logic of war and conflict that proliferates global narratives on the Israeli state’s ongoing onslaught in Gaza and the Occupied West Bank, is a subtly communicated victimhood conferred to the settler colonial state. Much like South African racialized victims resisting and 'transitioning’ from a white-minority apartheid state, Palestinians find themselves subjected to a displaced empathy that delegitimizes their victimhood and liberationist efforts through the language of conflict and ‘terrorism’.
Thula Simpson

‘After the End of History Comes More History’ Thula Simpson’s First Draft

South African historian and author of History of South Africa: From 1902 to the Present, Thula Simpson, believes the most common misconception about South African history is related to apartheid: ‘Many believe that apartheid is the central thread of South African history, the overwhelming fact, the unifying category to which all roads and streams must lead, and which can explain all. In fact, apartheid is a specific period in a much longer history of segregation, and it cannot be understood except in the context of that wider story.’
South Africa

The Not-So-Free Movement of People South Africa’s Haphazard Commitment to Open Borders

South Africa’s complex migration policy highlights the contradiction between its commitment to free movement within the African continent and its stringent immigration regulations. The country’s political, philosophical, and economic underpinnings of free movement struggles against the AU's Agenda 2063 and international treaties.