October/November 2023

Exchange Rate

Naira Exchange Rates: Worth the Hype? Beyond the Mirage of the Naira’s Exchange Rate

Naira’s exchange rate despite being of huge interest to Nigerians is not the only indicator of the state of the country’s economy. Focus, instead, should be on what steps the country is taking to achieve sweeping economic reforms, fuel productivity, innovation, and exports, that can pave the way for Nigeria’s enduring economic vitality.

To Be in the World: Notes Against Forgetting A Case for New African Internationalist Politics

Israel’s brutal occupation of Palestine has unveiled and deepened ideological divides in debates about state power and the use of violence; ethnonationalism and the ‘right to exist’; mass mobilization and solidarities across difference. At the heart of these debates is a growing awareness of the limits of Western liberal democracy and a call for new vocabularies and frameworks for political action that echo and extend Black internationalist and Third-Worldism movements of the twentieth century.

Ọkà Ni Ògùn An Ode to Amala

Whether focused on its traditions, economy, or politics, any story about Ibadan, Africa’s fourth largest city, is incomplete without reference to amala. At any time of the day, you’re sure to find the city’s inhabitants congregating around sellers of the city’s favourite meal. Recently, I visited Mama Adija’s Amala Spot, which, over the past 35 years, has built a reputation as one of Ibadan’s most revered amala spots.