Vol. 1, No.3

Migration in a De-Globalizing World


A comprehensive history of Lagos and migration by Nnamdi Ehirim;

 An essay exploring Eritrean migration, and the impacts of reforms under President Afwerki on national identity by Mirielle Mcmillin;

⎈ In an essay on international migration trends, Oreva Olakpe assesses Nigerian migrations to China;

 An exploration of the origins and drawbacks of global US military dominance by Obinna Chukwu;

⎈ An essay by Olajumoke Ayandele on sovereignty and Nigeria’s isolationist military strategy against Boko Haram;

A crucial assessment of American exceptionalism and African invisibility within the emerging working class anti-globalization discourse by Moses E. Ochonu;

 Ola Ogunmodede reviews Barack Obama’s legacy in Africa, with focus on his “trade not aid” approach to economic development;

 Kaspar Loftin discusses the fate of nationalism in post-Brexit Britain;

 Carlos Lopes writes on Brexit, preparation for which, he argues, is not only prudent; but also a matter of economic necessity in Africa


 A deep dive into Chinese and Brazilian economic relations with Africa and impacts on labour rights within the continent by Sakina Badamasuiy Aregbesola and Obinna Edeh;

 Carlos Lopes examines a rising flaw in the logic of Western immigration debates;

In Reviews: Tolu Ogunlesi on Welcome to Lagos by Chibundu Onuzo;

Also in Reviews: Wale Lawal on Lesley Nneka Arimah’s short story, “What It Means when a Man Falls from the Sky”



In our next issue, scholars and experts will critically discuss the impacts on individuals, businesses and economic sectors, of recent trends in the Nigerian economy


Cover image by Nicola Lo Calzo