Plagiarism Our Apologies

We wish to express our sincere apologies to authors William W. Hansen, and Umma Aliyu Musa, and the editorial team at SAGE Journals. Recently, we published an essay “Gendering the Wretched” that drew on but did not appropriately credit or cite key paragraphs from their prior published work, “Fanon, the Wretched and Boko Haram” in what amounted to plagiarism.

We also apologize to our readers for this immense oversight on our part. As a journal driven by the principles of scholarship, we are duty-bound to celebrate and protect the original ideas of scholars such as Hansen and Musa whose work has enriched readership of Frantz Fanon. We do not condone plagiarism. We are, thus, rolling out improvements to our editorial process to make sure that instances of plagiarism are detected before our essays are published and that incidents such as this never happen again. We thank all those who brought this to our attention and we apologize again for the impact this has had on all those affected.

Wale Lawal