Day: 28 April 2024


The Rap-Centric Philosophies of Illbliss

The rapper, iLLBLISS, embodies the pristine elements of Hip-Hop. Across his music and imagery, there’s a unifying sense of consciousness which has been hard wrought, emerging from decades of deliberate work and positioning. On his twelfth album, his quintessential themes are reflected through an expanding personal palette, a masterclass in telling profound stories.
Mother of All Lies

When Personal Docudrama is an Act and Art of Protest

Asmae El Moudir’s docudrama, The Mother of All Lies, passes this social message: protest isn’t solely the physical act of raising placards and fists. Protest, as the film relentlessly shows, can be as trivial as remembering and talking about one’s pain when the state is actively trying to suppress the existence of that pain.