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‘Talent not nurtured is useless.’ Moyosore Orekoya’s First Draft

Chemical Engineer and author of ‘Democracy Questioned: How Democracy Can Fail Us, and What to do About It’, Moyosore Orekoya, writes and edits ‘in chunks’, finding before editing ‘the golden mean sweet spot where I write an ‘idea’ or a standalone chunk of the article’. Our questions are italicized. What books or kinds of books did you read growing up? Neither of my parents were academics but they had an unshakeable belief in the power of a good education. They tried their best to instil that belief in me and my siblings by, I wouldn’t say forcing, but ‘strongly encouraging’ us to read anything and everything we could lay our hands on. So, I read biographies, encyclopaedias, dictionaries and thesauruses. I particularly enjoyed reading dictionaries because I realized early on that the more words you knew, the more access you had to the world, particularly its recondite parts. I also found it fascinating that as one expands their vocabulary, they

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