New Discoveries The Authors We Wish We Discovered Earlier

There may be numerous African authors we wish we discovered earlier but is there a right time to discover a great author or a good book?

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It is a great time for African authors, and authors of African origin. Many books and authors are being published and receiving their deserved acclaim on the continent and around the world. While some have argued that Africa is still playing catch-up to the West in terms of publishing and access to books, globally, African books are becoming increasingly popular. The best part? This is not limited to the African classics; there are new voices springing up across the continent and in the African diaspora. Thanks to this development, readers can discover books across all genres and themes. 

From African literary fiction books to pivotal non-fiction reads, there’s a lot for readers to discover. Some authors we discover early and some we might discover later on in our lives. Consider Chimeka Garricks, for instance. I only discovered his writing last year, when I read his 2010 novel, Tomorrow Died Yesterday...

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